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Waterfly : Drone That Can Land on Water To Protect Water Quality

waterfly dronesWaterfly is essentialy a new tool created by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for measuring water quality. It can measure water quality at an unprecedented level position. Microscopic cynobacteria threaten wildlife, human health and drinking supplies and scientists are studying this problem using existing techniques but in order to extend our knowledge, we need more comprehensive data.

Waterfly scans lakes and rivers for emerging pollutants and threats, gathers high resolution data of the water ecology and collects samples for environmental testing. It then fowards the collected information via sensor data stream directly to the web and connects citizens with their surroundings and provides researchers with valuable information.

Waterfly : Drone That Can Land on Water To Protect Water Quality (Video)

Thus closing the loop between the natural environment and humans. Waterfly can also communicate with other drones via the cloud, representing a future where swarms of drones can fly together, land on the waters of lakes, rivers, collect samples to detect algae and other contaminants, and take off once again.

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