Wedding Drone Fail : It Looked So Nice Till That Happened

Aerial drones are becoming popular and part of our daily lives day by day, particularly to catch the special unforgettable moments to keep them close to your heart forever. Wedding photographer Zacks Jerry was fliming ultimate scenes of groom and bride in captivating green nature with his DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter, when the drone, he was using, banged into a nearby tree and crashed, but the beloved couple still loved it and continued with fun despite the wedding drone fail.

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to fixate on the FPV monitor rather than where your drone is. I try to get somebody to spot for me. Problem is, often times the one who is spotting also chooses to stare at the monitor rather than the drone. The main thing is the flying skills and practice of drone pilot to get fine control over the flying machine.

DJI’s phantoms are actually pretty hard to destroy and very secure drones. It’s probably still fine. But it’s mostly unskilled pilots who are flying drones and thats why such things happen.

Wedding Drone Fail : It Looked So Nice Till That Happened (Video)

Nevertheless, its still an unexpectedly funny video, it makes life more interesting than the usual predictable bullshit we see in everyday.

wedding drone fail

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