this is what happens in 60 seconds in internet

What Happens in one Minute on The Internet

Approximately 35 Exabytes = 35 Billion giga bytes of Data-Flood runs through the internet cables every month. For this enormous transfer of output, the Internet needs about 0.8 percent of the total world’s electricity . A Google search should therefore require as much electricity as an energy saving light bulb needs to give light for one hour. At the Internet’s current rate of expansion, it’s amazing to think what will be happening in an Internet minute 5 or 10 years from now.

Nowhere in the world rules more motion and flow than on the Internet. According to the current statistics of “mycleverangency”, alone 72 hours of video material is uploaded per minute on youtube and 1.3 million videos are viewed.  Over 204 million mails are sent in 60 seconds. More than 20 Million images are viewed per minute on the most loved photo network Flickr and 3000 more uploaded here. More than 571 new websites appear on the internet in just 60 seconds time and there are more than tota of one Billion websites present on the internet.

In Just 60 seconds, 135 Botnet infections, 47,000 app downloads, 21 new victims of Phishing, 7 new articles on Wikipedia, Amazon makes $83,000 in sales,1,300 new mobile users, 101 new accounts are created on Linked in. More than 320 new accounts on Twitter, 100,000 tweets, 62,000 hours of music is heard via Pandora, 277,000 Facebook logins, , more than 2 million searches on Google happens. All just in one minute and the numbers are constantly increasing.

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this is what happens in 60 seconds in internet



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