whatsapp Virus Priyanka

Whatsapp Virus Priyanka: It Renames All The Contacts

whatsapp Virus Priyanka

Android operating system is the most vulnerable to viruses and malwares and its not much secured because of different issues. WhatsApp has once again a security problem. It is currently circulatung a virus under the girl name “Priyanka” which is going after the contact and group name of the Whats App Messenger. The Android malware changes and renames chat groups and contacts on Whatsapp to “Priyanka” after infecting it. Whatsapp Virus Priyanka hides itself in a harmless and innocent looking contact files that are distributed by e-mail or via download and thus find its way easily into the smartphone.

By clicking on it, a new entry gets added to the contact directory and at the same time a corresponding vulnerability in WhatsApp gets exploited.

As soon as it gets on your Smartphone, Priyanka will automatically forward itself to all your Whatsapp listed Contacts without your consent and approval. Only Android versions of the Whatsapp are affected by Priyanka so far. Owners of the iPhones and Windows Phones can stay calm and easy, as there is no such vulnerability in those mobile operating system present at the moment.

In order that Priyanka does not strike your Smartphone too and you stay away from it, you need to protect your smartphone against this threat. If you receive a contact file with the name “Priyanka” to add, you should not click this under any circumstances. Instead, delete this alleged suspected contact-file immediately.
incase your Android Smartphone is already infected with this Virus, just do the following steps to get rid of it:

1. Search and delete priyanka named contact

2. Go to Settings Panel and here look for Apps Manager option.

3. Choose “Whatsapp” from your App’s List.

4. Compel it to shut and then clear Whatsapp Data in App Manager.

thats it.

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