Windows 7 is now the Most Popular PC Operating System


windows 7 Microsoft Windows 7 is now the most popular PC operating system. The web traffic analysis company Statcounter has recently announced the figures about Windows 7’s Popularity. Windows 7 has finally broken the years long dominance of windows xp.

The Summary of the report by statecounter claims that more than half of the PC’s connected to internet in the month of june (50.2%) ran microsoft’s most recent and compact operating system that is Windows 7.

According to the clear figures shown by the Statcounter statistics, the next most popular and widely used operating system from Microsoft was Windows XP (29.9 % of users). The new game will begin and the cards will be mixed again with the availability of Windows 8 during the next 2 to 4 coming months which will automatically give a boost to Windows 8 in the consumer market. The analysts from the Net Applications are currently observing an upward trend in the business PC’s from Windows XP to Windows 7, which would definitely lead to a further High-Flight of Windows 7.

This is the first time that Windows 7 has had more market share than the any other operating systems put together but soon with the launch of windows 8 the situation will become different and microsoft will be giving messages to users to shift from windows 7 to windows 8.

Netmarketshare (The Industry Watchers) on the other hand show a bit different analysis, according to which the Windows XP still holds the 40% of the operating system consumer markets with windows 7 (39%) right next to it. Windows XP will finally disappear in April of 2014 when Microsoft will be terminating its support for windows xp forever. But the fact for now is that the popularty of Windows 7 has increased adding 1% of popularity growth each month.

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