Windows 8 : No Media Center and DVD-Playback

windows 8 media center

Microsoft explained the multimedia features of Windows 8 in more detail in one of its blog entry. The report shows clearly that for the DVD playback and the popular media center, one must continue to pay extra charges.

Microsoft approves this step with changes in usage behaviour, as users only decreasingly use their PCs for viewing video DVDs thesedays, even if it is no longer practicable to impose the necessary license fees for each buyer. What at first sounds like a noble service to the customer, but in reality nothing more than profit maximization. Since the Media Center with DVD support is counted in the standard Windows functionality until now, the waiver of license fees in principle is only an optimization of the margin.


Apart from DVDs, Windows 8 will support many video formats. According to Microsoft, the Windows Media Player, which will be available in all versions of Windows 8, offers support for the H.264 codec, and VC-1/WMV MP4 and AVI container formats, MPEG-2, MP4 and ASF.

The price for the Media Center Pack, which beside the DVD Support also brings DVD TV recording and playback VOB,  Microsoft wants to take time to announce the release of Windows 8. Currently, the only additional costs are a bit vague as “marginal”.

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