The World’s Smallest And Lightest Chargers For Electric Vehicles

Nichicon Corporation electronicOne key element for the success of electric vehicles going forward is charging technology, but we’re getting there. Kyoto-based Nichicon has now developed what they say are the world’s smallest and chargers for these vehicles, the NQC-A202 and the NQC-A302.

Both chargers are sized at just 150x35x60cm, about 50% smaller than existing devices. The NQC-A202 with 20kW output capacity weighs 150kg, while the NQC-A302 (30kW) weighs 20kg more. Nichicon says the new models are 66% lighter than existing ones, “dramatically decreasing installation effort” for their customers.

The devices take between 35 and 60 minutes to charge, are compatible to the CHAdeMO standard for electric vehicles (Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, the Leaf, etc.) and will cost between $24,600 and $27,200 when they become available in October.

via: techcrunch

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