Yandex Alpha : The Browser Of The Future

The leading internet company in Russia operating the country’s most popular search engine Yandex has introduced a revolutionary new brwoser that incorporates innovations in design and interesting features. It is the browser of the future. The Internet has made progress and developed from texts and links to multimedia content and apps over the past 20 years, only the browser still look like long ago. The new Yandex Alpha browser has totally changed that. Yandex Alpha has been developed based on Chromium open source code as used in Google chrome.

After having launched it for the first time on the user’s PC, the Yandex.Browser (Alpha Version) automatically starts importing bookmarks and user data from other installed browsers of the user’s pc and the first thing the user see is a mix of Tabs with a list of favorite websites. These tabs are no longer located at the top, but as icons at the bottom of the window and needs to be getting used by the user. The other functions are “trubo mode” and an “Integrated Virus Scanner”. More details in the video above. You can download Yandex.Browser (Alpha) =>> Here

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