Your neighbour’s WiFi is slowing down yours, here’s why

(Web Desk) – Your WiFi connection may not be as slow as you think it is and here is how you can boost your speed by modifying the channels your connection is using.

Channels are means through which your WiFi connection is established.

Multiple WiFi connections in your vicinity might be using the same channels which does not mean your neighbour has somehow cracked your password but interference is increased.

Speed of your Internet connection can better if there is minimum load on a channel.

Here is how you can change the channel your system is using:

You need to scan for all the connections available in your home or wherever you use your Wifi and open Wireless Diagnostics.

Note down the recommended channels that should be used

Log onto your router by putting your IP address in the browser

Click ‘wireless’ tab on the top to modify the channels

Select a different channel, one of those recommended by the system

Save the changes made

Enjoy a lighter Internet experience through lesser interference of other devices in the vicinity.

However, the illustrated procedure is for Macbooks, for a Windows operating system, Android Analyzer or Acrylic WiFi can be used:

For Windows:

Courtesy Via: Dunyanewstv

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